Beyond ordinary

The ultimate customer relationship advisor

Founded in 2014 as GEMA Consulting Ireland, eleven’s mission is to empower organisations to engage with their customers across all touch points - both on and offline.

For those who want to attain and retain customers, we are a group of customer relationship advisors who will help you create and better control exceptional experiences. We'll work with you to exceed customer expectations and make the right impression, increasing satisfaction, loyalty and revenue. You'll become the first name in customer service, differentiating you from your competitors.

Productive partnerships

We partner with world leaders in customer experience platforms, providing precision software and IT products. Our partners help us lead the way in engaging customers and refining your business operations to maximise efficiencies. 

Exceeding expectations

Based in both Ireland and the UK, with global customers in America and Asia Pacific, our experience allows us to understand the customer journey, anticipate the experience they expect and develop intuitive ways to engage and deliver. eleven enables you to create and better control exceptional experiences.