AA Ireland


eleven consultation establishes tender requirements for telephony solution.

A unified system fit for purpose

AA Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading consumer services businesses specialising in Home, Motor and Travel Insurance – providing emergency rescue for people at home or out on the road, as well as providing insurance for over 225,500 Irish customers and breakdown cover for 300,000 motorists.

With its Dublin contact centre’s telephony solution nearing the end of life, the AA Ireland’s IT team knew it was time to take technical operations to the next level and fully refresh their solution – which had grown to become a hybrid of differing systems, unable to effectively communicate with one another or perform to their optimum capacity.

Tommie O’Malley, Head of IT Operations at AA Ireland, said: “Our long-standing contact centre infrastructure had become exhausted and our telephony solution was out of date. Before going through the process of tendering for new technology we needed an independent, expert consultant to help us drill down on the specific prerequisites required from a new state-of-the-art solution.”


Essential business and technical insight

eleven’s work with AA Ireland involved a series of consultation sessions with eleven’s Director of Customer Experience, Kim Robertson, and Director of Operations and Sales, Albert Keating, enabling eleven to defragment the existing patchwork of solutions in order to uncover exactly what AA Ireland required from a new solution.

“From working with Albert on projects previously we knew the quality of eleven’s work and knew they were a partner we could trust. eleven’s consultancy services provided us with what we needed to go out to tender. The experts at eleven understood and broke down requirements from a business and technical perspective, enabling us to put together a robust tender document.

“The team’s strong guidance and over 50 years of experience in the contact centre industry were instrumental in helping us to understand every crucial element desired from our next solution.

“eleven brought fresh thinking to the process and through our consultations the tender document was developed. Instead of stating which technologies we preferred, the tender was based on an outcomes basis which meant the solution we eventually decided on was the one to best deliver these outcomes and therefore most suited to the needs of the business.”

With new technology in place the state-of-the-art system’s security and robustness provides us with peace of mind. The new solution is easy to manipulate and enhance and provides us with a platform we can rely on for future growth and development.

Technology: the linchpin in operational success

From the preparation of the tendering document which included gathering requirements for and issuing the tender, securing funding for the project, conducting technical workshops and finally delivering the solution took around 18 months.

“eleven’s role in the initial preparation of the tender document was crucial in establishing the requirements of the software we needed to implement and without the company’s input we would not have been able to effectively retire the old solution and replace it with a fit-for-purpose system that provides the fundamentals for sustained growth.”

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