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Ready Response Offer

Recent changes have been severe in impact and global in scale. Smart organisations are seeking ways to stay sharp and agile, so they can continue serving and selling in stride.

The Genesys Ready Response offer makes it easier to absorb the shocks caused by this disruption, and the next one, and the next one. We can have you up and running in 48hrs.

Genesys Cloud licenses free for 30 days
Get a package of voice and digital channels with Genesys Cloud contact center software, free licenses for 30 days.

Fast setup with a reduced fee
Let our eleven experts jumpstart your deployment. Get voice in 48 hours and digital channels shortly after.

Onboarding help
Free introductory eLearning courses for admins, supervisors and agents.

Stay agile with no upfront commitment
Walk away when the 30 days are over or continue serving and selling with Genesys Cloud. The choice is yours.


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