eleven Innovation Lab

The eleven Innovation Lab is a dedicated space for eleven staff to focus time and energy on the continuous improvement of contact centre technologies, and stimulating new-product development initiatives.

eleven is proud to have a culture of “intrapreneurship” – passionate and entrepreneurial-minded employees who wish to ensure our customers are getting the best possible products on the markete

While many corporate innovation labs focus solely on process improvement and efficiency gains tailored to a CEO’s strategic objectives, the eleven Innovation Lab is an authentic and much sought-after blueprint for genuine product development.

We have cracked the code of how to take an idea, test it, and launch it to the market at pace.

The eleven innovation lab is allocated CEO budget, and is overseen by the executive team, but the ideas come from every corner of the organisation.
This excites us. We hope it excites you too.

What we offer

Our Clistha service helps organiations to remotely monitor their contact centre platfroms by proactively flagging issues before they are discovered by users. 

This improves the efficiency of your systems support team, and ensures system faults are remedied before they impact your customer experience

Our Cumulus product helps contact centres to creates personalised reports by processing unstructured real- time data with any of you BI dashboards 

This tailors and simplifies your Genesys repoerting to the metrics that matter to you. 

Innovate with us