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Better for your customers. Better for your business

Here at eleven we partner with Genesys to provide clients with Genesys Cloud, the ultimate ever-evolving contact centre cloud platform that adapts to your business requirements and supports growth.

Your organisation will thrive, save time and money, and increase efficiency and revenue. It’s an intuitive, secure and easy to deploy all-in-one platform that will revolutionise the way you do and manage business.

With Genesys Cloud, your potential is endless, and we’re here to walk you through every step of the way, from business analysis to deployment, and keeping an on-going support structure tailored to your needs.

If you’re looking for transformation within the contact centre, choose eleven for the experience, successful global track record and hands on approach that delivers exactly what is agreed.


Customer Self Service

Empower customers to get answers via an automated menu, mobile application or interactive voice response (IVR) system, leading to:

  • Independent and satisfied customers
  • Call deflection from contact centre agents
  • Decrease in the volume of calls
  • Lower operating costs



Affords your company a panoramic vision of customer contacts across all digital platforms. This means your agents get access to all customer interactions with the brand in one unified, user-friendly interface, assuring:

  • Continuity across all digital and social channels
  • A holistic approach to customer interactions
  • Clear channels for communication with the customer


Workforce Optimisation

Designed to manage and handle workload distribution without compromising customer experience, resulting in:

  • Employee engagement
  • Employees with a set work agenda
  • An efficient taskmaster operation in place
  • Optimisation of agent productivity
  • A seamless management of workloads, people and outputs


Analytics and reporting

Help you evaluate relevant information and identify inefficiencies, manage backlogs and improve customer service standards in real-time, meaning:

  • A comprehensive view of the entire organisational structure on one platform
  • Access to real-time operational data
  • Identification and management of workflow backlogs
  • Pinpointing unnecessary spending or areas worth investing in
  • Improvement of decision-making
  • Enhancement of customer service standards


Outbound Capabilities

Allow you to be consistent in all customer dealings, introducing a line of communication that doesn’t compromise on performance or efficiency, providing:

  • The delivery of notifications, alerts and messages to customers
  • A positive experience to new and existing customers
  • Opinion gathering through satisfaction surveys
  • Customer communications that make them feel valued


Secure System Integrations

Allow you to keep using the apps you love. Genesys Cloud has more than 40 integrations available including the beloved Salesforce, Zendesk and MS Dynamics. And all of this enhanced by the power of Genesys Cloud, offering:

  • A single login for multiple systems
  • Data synchronisation
  • Seamless information sharing

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