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Deliver superior customer experiences

For large-scale businesses looking for digital transformation and wishing to deliver superior customer experiences, PureEngage by Genesys is the on-premise contact centre solution to go for.

This rapidly deployable and easy-to-configure customer experience software allows you to turn on new applications and services when needed, through extensively customisable open APIs and web standards. You’re also able to integrate all your systems while leveraging existing investments and unify all customer-engaging teams for seamless internal communication.

A personalised, customer-centric omnichannel approach affords you a competitive advantage that differentiates your business and increases customer loyalty. PureEngage is the leading platform that powers over 11,000 companies in 100+ countries.

Choose eleven for the experienced professionals, successful track record working with world class global companies, and on-going support that over delivers.


Omnichannel engagement

Allows you to build brand loyalty and create better business outcomes across all customer journeys. Be prepared to:

  • Easily manage inbound and outbound communications across all touchpoints
  • Seamlessly integrate voice and digital channels, including video, email, chat, social, mobile, web, SMS and asynchronous messaging
  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automate dialogs in self-service and choose the best agent
  • Decrease the contact volume while differentiating on experiences
  • Use customer history knowledge to achieve true customer engagement


Resource optimisation

Includes forecasting, capacity planning, scheduling, monitoring and real-time adjustments. Match interactions and work items to the right employee across the enterprise with predictive matching and potentially achieve:

  • 21% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 80% first call resolution
  • 62% reduction in queue times


Real-time analytics and reporting

Potentiates your decision-making powers, as you get to:

  • Measure, understand and improve contact centre performance metrics with a single view of all KPIs
  • Monitor interactions in real-time and make timely and informed decisions
  • Use intuitive and customisable reports to drive insights into customer satisfaction and employee performance
  • Identify engagement patterns in order to optimise customer journeys and experiences

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